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Grant family

The Grant Family

What began as a simple overnight hospital stay for newborn Stella turned into 22 days of complications and fear. Born with Down syndrome, Josh and Gina Grant’s little girl was having trouble keeping food down: she wasn’t thriving. Days turned into weeks as the experts at Baptist Medical Center’s Brenner Children’s Hospital ran a battery […]

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Rev. Steven and Samara Ashley

Rev. Steven Ashley

A former high school football player, Pastor Steve Ashley is no stranger to pain. But when the leg crushed in a teenage weight-lifting accident was still acting up 25 years later, with everything from troublesome circulation to painful ulcers, it was time to take action. A surgery to correct the circulation problems resulted in what […]

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Martin & Enrique

Martin Sepulveda

Martin Sepulveda was in trouble. He was discharged from the ER with diabetes…but without transportation and money for medications. A former successful businessman with no family, he was now sick, unemployed, nearly blind and isolated. Worse, he’d lost hope. Hope is what Enrique Cantana specializes in. A Supporter of Health with FaithHealthNC, an organization that […]

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MDO 2016 video

2016 Mother’s Day Offering video

The gifts of North Carolina Baptists to the Mother’s Day Offering and the wonderful care of Wake Forest Baptist Health had a tremendous impact on the road to healing for the Grant family, Rev. Steven Ashley and Diane Dixon. Josh and Gina Grant’s financial burden after a life changing surgical procedure on their new born […]

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Wake Forest Baptist Health