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Craig Hutchinson’s story

A Vietnam veteran and a policeman for 30 years, Craig Hutchinson was used to being in charge. Suddenly, he wasn’t; doctors were. “The day we found out it was pancreatic cancer, I started crying,” said his wife Terri. “We thought it was a bowel duct tumor. Then, the poor girl from the billing department came […]

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Daniel Dean Family

Daniel Dean’s story

In 24 hours, everything changed for the Dean family. One day, Daniel was a lively four-year-old celebrating his birthday. The next, he was curled up on the sofa, sick with an apparent infection. Tests revealed the worst news parents could get: Daniel had Burkitt’s Lymphoma, an explosive form of leukemia. Worried about the aggressive treatment […]

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Sherri & Mark Sexton

Sherri Sexton’s story

Sherri Sexton was worried. A heart patient for nearly a decade, with a long family history of heart problems, the TIA, transient ischemic attack, that took her to Baptist Hospital was a warning sign that a real stroke may be imminent. It was also the final push that knocked her family over the edge of […]

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