Tammy Elledge

Tammy Elledge’s story

The Mother’s Day Offering: Overwhelmed with gratitude “I encourage everyone to please support the Mother’s Day Offering. We know how much this helped and blessed us. Those who give to the Mother’s Day Offering helped not only us, but so many others in many different ways,” said Rev. Keith Elledge, pastor of Round Knob Baptist […]

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Teresa, Jimmy and Riley Alderson

Riley Alderson’s story

The Mother’s Day Offering: Breathtaking gifts of God’s love God’s hand of love has been with Riley Alderson since her birth into the loneliness of a Chinese orphanage. A life-threatening illness and limited medical care led to unimaginable suffering. But God had a plan for Riley’s life, and North Carolina Baptists were a vital part […]

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Leroy Starns

Leroy Starnes’ story

Lifting the Broken Back to Their Feet “I’m thankful to God each day for sparing my life and for the Mother’s Day Offering,” said Leroy Starnes, from Taylorsville, N.C. His life-changing gratitude shines brightly through the darkness of a traumatic injury and long road to recovery. “I was doing some wiring at home when I […]

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