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Eddie Barr’s story

Eddie Barr had been knocked flat for months. The terrible headaches and terrific pressure in his head were so bad, he was bed-ridden. Surgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center revealing  an additional sinus cavity in his forehead that wasn’t draining properly helped a little. But then came pressure of a different kind. He couldn’t […]

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Larry Hoskins’ story

Life was looking black for Larry Hoskins…literally. An ordinary summer day weed-eating the yard was cut short when a piece of broken cord flew up and sliced across his cornea. In a moment, he lost most of the sight in that eye. A corneal transplant was followed by weekly check-ups, procedures, and injections. A professional […]

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First Baptist Church Liberty

For attorney Bill Flowe, the recent Mother’s Day Offering at First Baptist Church in Liberty was all about being in the right place at the right time…and then, being intentional in connecting all the dots. First there was the devastation of a church member after the death of a friend from cancer and the fundraiser […]

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Holly Beasley

Holly Beasley’s story

While most high school seniors were enjoying their last weeks in school before graduation, Holly Beasley was struggling to breathe in Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. What had happened only two times in her life as a person with cystic fibrosis was now happening two to three times a year: hospitalizations for recurrent lung infections. […]

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Rev Gary McCullough

Rev. Gary McCollough’s story

Rev. Gary McCollough, pastor of Flat Springs Baptist Church in Sanford, is accustomed to giving–that’s the job of the minister of a busy church. But after falling while walking in the woods, he found himself on the receiving end, and discovered the grace, freedom and goodness of God through the kindness of strangers. Surgery at […]

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