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2021 Offering

Baptism by fire. That’s what it was like for Brian Davis. Within a few weeks of starting his new job with the FaithHealth Division at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center last spring, the world shut down. “It wasn’t me,” he joked. But he is serious (and passionate) about the power of the Mother’s Day Offering, a project he leads, to help patients burdened by crippling medical bills. Since 1924, the Offering has been a symbol of hope. To Davis, that symbol is especially relevant–and needed–now, in coronavirus times.

But he believes bringing hope to patients is more than just churches donating money to help pay hospital bills. It’s engaging at a deeper level and aligning with a seminal paradigm shift: community health is part of a church’s calling. “Community health ministries are an important aspect of fulfilling Jesus’s great commandment to love one another,” he said. “We encourage congregations to remain engaged post-pandemic and continue to express the message of hope and healing for all.” That They May See and Know is this year’s Offering theme. Walking the talk is a powerful call to action for Davis, who ministered in churches for 13 years and was Baptist State Convention Associate Executive Director for nearly 14 years. “For those who have great financial burdens, God has seen your burden, heard your cry for help, and responded through this offering.”

The pandemic affected last year’s offering in two significant ways. Because most churches were not meeting last spring, the typical offering of approximately $400,000 dropped dramatically to just $40,000. Plus, with so many unemployed, uninsured, and underinsured, more patients than ever needed support.

As the world enters year two of COVID-19, Davis noted that gifts to the Offering can provide much-needed renewal and restoration to patients overwhelmed by medical bills. “We know many have struggled with joblessness and loss of income this year,” he said. “So, please don’t focus on the size of your gift. It’s when we put all our gifts together that we can make an enormous impact in the lives of patients and their families. So, thank you for giving what you can.”

Isaiah 41:20: That they may see and know and consider and understand together that the hand of the Lord has done this and the Holy One of Israel has created it.


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